About Us

The Art of Possibility

Businesspeople rely heavily on their ability to see possibilities and to take advantage of them so as to better position their businesses in the market. Their inner circle of trusted allies is key to empowering them to first see the possibilities and then to navigate through to the desired result.

To this end, Katipo Digital was formed by John C Woolston in response to continual requests for marketing guidance and resources by close business associates. They had witnessed the results that John was achieving for a business he was involved with and wanted to replicate it.  Katipo Digital was never formed with the goal of building an “empire” but to deliver relevant bespoke marketing guidance, resources and tools to a select group of customers. Ultimately empowering theses customers with the ability to manage and direct their own digital future.

New Horizons

Katipo Digital provides a series of educational resources on its primary agency site, so as to enable its customers to gain knowledge of different the digital technologies that can be used for marketing, with the aim of empowering them to better make informed decisions as best how to lever these technologies. This was, up until recently, only available for Katipo Digital customers (for their digital marketing agency and video creation service) but the decision was made, due to the impact of the COVID19 pandemic, to make these, and other resources over time, freely available for to businesses in general, until further notice.

Katipo Digital encourages businesses to use the knowledge gained from the courses provided to arm themselves for the challenges that lie ahead.

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Katipo Digital is the creation of long term marketer John C Woolston